I am a product of the product!

What does that mean? It means that coaching has literally changed my life! I live coaching as a life-style. Where I am today, is nothing like where I was because of the power of life coaching.

Did you know that there are two types of metamorphosis in the insect kingdom?

The first type is called “incomplete metamorphosis.” This is where the young look like the adults but without wings. For example, baby grasshoppers, crickets and dragonflies bear a resemblance to their adult counterpart, but without having their wings developed. The second type is called “complete metamorphosis.” In this occurrence, the young look nothing like the adults. They don’t eat the same food and their mode of transportation is completely different. In the case of the butterfly, it goes through complete transformation; a complete change in structure and composition.

In the case of a woman on the journey toward The Rise, her expedition leads to a complete metamorphosis in which her life is transfigured from one way of being to another – a true, complete transformation.

Transformation is an integral part of the journey of a woman who is being summoned to soar. What is transformation? Webster’s Dictionary says, “To transform is to change markedly, the appearance or form of. It is to change in composition or structure.”

Transformation is a mindset shift that causes a change in your thoughts, patterns and behaviors. Transformation shifts your thoughts from what you do to who you are. The act of transforming is to redefine, redesign, refashion, revise, revamp, to adjust or to alter; it is to go through a metamorphosis. Just as metamorphosis is the process by which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, transformation is the metamorphosis that a woman goes through that awakens her to her authentic design, brings her into alignment with her divine assignment and authorizes her for a life of impact.

The work that God wants to do in you is so great, that the people you used to hang around with will barely recognize you!

Here are five ways to become your own life coach:

  1. Listen to yourself think. When you stop and listen to your thoughts, you will be amazed by what you hear. Where you currently are in your life is a direct result of what you have been thinking. By paying attention to what you are thinking, you get to be curious about the impact of your thoughts. A life coach asks powerful questions that bring you to an awareness what you are thinking and the decisions you are making as a result of your thoughts.
  2. Listen to yourself talk. What you say is a direct result of what you are thinking. When you listen to yourself talk, you’ll gain feedback and perspective about your thoughts. A life coach listens deeply to hear what’s being said underneath what’s being said.
  3. Pay attention to your emotions. Emotions are just energy in motion. Your emotions hold clues. When you get curious about what your emotions are trying to convey then you’ll have some great information to use. Alife coach uses everything as feedback. Feedback doesn’t lie. Emotions are a result of thoughts and become powerful clues to the mindsets that are driving you.
  4. Become aware of your patterns. Your patterns are also a result of your thoughts. Your thoughts become mindsets that are ingrained in your brain as truth. When you get curious about your patterns, you are your own life coach, being inquisitive about what’s really going on.
  5. Challenge your thoughts. Your thoughts are just thoughts. Just because you think it does not mean it is true. When you choose not to challenge your thoughts and live by default, thoughts are imposed on you from outside sources. They are running in the background, unaware. A life coach observes your thoughts, patterns and actions and challenges them without judgment. Once they are challenged, you can decide to hold on to them or let them go, but if they are not challenged, then they operate without your permission.

Listen to yourself think. Listen to yourself talk. Pay attention to your emotions. Become aware of your patterns. Challenge your thoughts. Be your own life coach.

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