Did you know that TRUTH can actually be toxic? How to do you know if your truth has become toxic?

Truth is an interesting topic beacuse what’s true for you is not always what is true for someone else. Assuming that your truth is someone elses’s truth can cause major relationship issues, communication breakdowns and disappointments.

Here’s the thing…truth gets misunderstood.

Have you ever believed something to be true, only to realize that you were intentionally or unintentionally misled? You may feel let down, discouraged and end up with “trust issues”. But…understanding this one thing can unlock so much hope…

There are actually two types of truths…let me explain…

There are little “t” truths and capital “T” truths.

A capital “T” truth is something that is true – real and unchanging, whether you believe it to be true or not. For example, gravity is TRUE even if you choose to deny that is true. It is an unghanging truth – a “T” truth.

A little “t” truth is a way of thinking (mindset) that has become true for you whether it is actually true or not. For example, when you think, “I am not good enough.” This is a truth that may have become true for you but it is not TRUE in the sense of what’s real and unchanging.

Here are a few more examples of “t” truths:

  • Men are jerks.
  • Money is evil.
  • The govornment is out to control us.
  • People are mean.
  • This time we live in is scary.
  • People are not trustworthy.
  • I need approval from others to prove my worth and value.

Any of the statements above can actually become true if they are true for you but, they are NOT “T”, unchanging truths. They only become true for you when you believe that they are truth. In other words…when you relate to a “t” as if it was a “T”, it limits you because you have convinced yourself that it is unchangable. When you feel as though a “t” is unchangable, you feel stuck, powerless and incapable of change.

The problem is, when you relate to a “t” as if it were a capital “T” truth, you believe the lie that the “t” is your identity…it is WHO YOU ARE. The little “t” truth – turned “T” truth becomes a label.

This is when a truth becomes toxic!

Toxic behaviors come from toxic patterns. Toxic patterns come from toxic mindsets. Toxic environments are a result of toxic mindsets, patterns and behaviors.
When I was a little girl, there was a game show called, “To Tell the Truth”. This was a classic game show in which a person of some notoriety and two impostors tried to match wits with a panel of four celebrities. Three people tried to convince the panelists that they were the real person of interest while two of them were only impersonators. I remember being amazed at how convincing the pretenders were.

As women, we can convince ourselves that we are pretenders, imposters or impersonators when we believe that little “t” truths are “T” turths BUT YOU ARE the real deal!

What are the “t” truths that you have been relating to as if they were “T” turths?

  • I am not enough.
  • I can’t do this.
  • If I have been rejected, abandoned or betrayed, then I must be unlovable.
  • I am not worthy.
  • I don’t know how.
  • I don’t deserve good things.
    …and the list could go on.

What are the actual “T” truths about you?

  • You are valuable.
  • You have worth.
  • You are deserving of good things.
  • You have a purpose.
  • You are a powerful chooser.
  • You have everything you need inside of you.
    …and the list could go on.

When you stop relating to the little “t” truths as “T” truths, and relate to the “T” truths as unchanging “T” truths, your confidence will explode. Confidence will assist you in creating healthy patterns of self-love and self-belief.

Journaling Prompt: What toxic truths are you detoxing from and what TRUTHS will you come into alignment with about yourself?

To tell the truth…

The TRUTH is…you are amazing! you are capable…and Girl, YOU GOT THIS!

All My Love,