I had a huge “AHA Moment” this week…

If you are apart of my tribe, I am pretty sure that you are an investor! You probably invest in everyone around you! Think about the ROI other people get when you invest in them!

I am willing to bet that the people you invest in FLOURISH!

It’s also my guess that you are here because you are a giver…a nurturer by nature and you have been investing in everyone else, yet you end up depleted and pouring from an empty cup! Am I right?

I want you to know that I am committed to investing into YOU. Investing into you is part of my purpose. I am called to invest inspiration, motivation, teachings and trainings that will ignite an awakening in you to transform, breakthrough and soar. I invest in you because it’s part of the call on my life.

However, there is something amazing that happens when you begin to invest in YOU!

Some women buy the lie that spending money on their emotional well-being is money that is lost. Spending is different than investing. Spending is paying out. Investing is allocating resources in a way that generates a return.

Can you imagine what would happen if you invested in you as much as you invest in everyone else? I wonder how your life would open up if you started getting the ROI that everyone else is getting because of your investments?

Women often tell me that they don’t know their value. When you invest in yourself, you automatically increase your value.

My life completely changed the minute I stopped waiting for everyone else around me to invest in me. I’m not talking about spending money on your hair and nails. (Although that is super important, too. LOL)

Investing in your own mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is more than spending money on yourself. It is sowing seeds into your future that have an opportunity to grow exponentially and come back to you in an expanded version.

Ask yourself this question…how long can you pur from an empty cup?

While working with me as a life coach is a larger investment for women who are ready to create a big shift in their life, you don’t always have to make a big investment. Making a small investment that’s a few dollars a week can start to grow exponentially.

That’s why we are opening the doors to The Flutter™a Lifestyle Coaching Membership Where Women Find Their Voice,Tell Their Story & Live Their Epic Story Out-Loud.

If you want to know more, you can check it out here…www.jointheflutter.com.
Whether you join The Flutter™ or do something else, take a stand for you. Sow into your own emotional well-being.

Here’s the thing…when you invest in you, you aren’t taking from everyone else. The investment you make into you allows you to make a bigger investment into the ones you love and care for. Everyone wins bigger.

Invest in your transformation. Invest in your breakthroughs. You have been summoned to soar!!!

Have a fantastic week!

All My Love,