Have you ever felt like you’re just pushing and pushing and pushing only to feel like giving up?

I totally get it! I’ve been there many times! But, one thing I’ve learned is that EMPOWERED women BREAKTHROUGH!

What is a breakthrough and why would you want one?

I need you to know these three things:

  • Breakthrough is vital!
  • Breakthrough is possible.
  • Breakthrough is worth the effort.

In my book, Summoned to Soar, I talk about the only way for the butterfly to get out of the cocoon is to kick her way out. She has to BREAKTHROUGH! On the otherside of breakthrough is FREEDOM.

Breakthrough can feel exhausting but it is worth the effort.

You wouldn’t need a breakthrough if there wasn’t a barrier. The barrier is in your mind. The barrier is a percieved limitation that feels as though it has the strength of a brick wall.

A barrier can come in the form of a story you are telling yourself (like, “I am not good enough.”) A barrier can be caused by fear. A barrier can come from a belief (usually believing something that someone spoke over you and you let it define you). Barriers require a breakthrough because they block you from your destiny.

A breakthrough is nothing more than busting through a mental or emotional roadblock that has become the barrier that stops you from having what you really want out of life!

A breakthrough ensures that you will not stay in the same place.

You might be asking, “What is required for a breakthrough to happen?”

  1. Commitment – just don’t give up…keep pushing. If you’ve had a baby, you know what I mean…you can’t stop pushing at the time of delivery…
  2. Courage – fear is just the thought that you aren’t capable to handle what’s on the other side. YOU ARE! YOU GOT THIS! Let courage rise up on the inside of you!
  3. Call to action – raise the bar on your own life and set a new standard for yourself. Quit making excuses for staying stuck…STUCK is not what you were born for!

You were not created to settle. Your destiny is not INSIDE of the cocoon!

You can breakthrough on your own but you stand a chance of giving up and settle for a life, hidden inside of the cocoon…sure, you may be a fully formed butterfly, but what’s the use of being a butterfly if your cramped up inside of the cocoon?

That’s where I come in…

I have a 12-week, private mentorship where I help high-acheiving women who have been through a set-back, comeback better than ever by thinking in at another level so that they can BREAK OUT of the cocoon and SOAR NOW! Email me at angela@angelaaja.com to apply…

Let me be clear…this is not for women who are satisfied with where they are. This is not for women who are committed to taking care of everyone else while neglecting themselves…

Bust through!

Feircley believing in you! Angela