If you’ve been on a Zoom call, lately, you have probably experienced the same thing more than once…someone is talking away but they are still on mute. Everyone in the group is yelling the same thing to them, “You’re on mute! Unmute yourself!” It’s actually quite comical.

Take it from me…I know what it feels like to live on mute!

Earlier this week, I just watched an episode of Red Table Talk with Jada Smith, Demi Moore and their girls and how they have all battled with low self-esteem, beating themselves up and even self-loathing.

Low self-esteem, beating yourself up and self-loathing doesn’t care if you’re a famous Malibu millionaire or an a middle-class mom-preneur, business owner, single, married, church-going or not…

Low self-esteem, beating yourself up with negative self-talk and even self-loathing in the form of self-doubt, self-betrayal and self-abandonment puts you on MUTE!

You shrink back, don’t speak up for what you want and silence your voice.

When something is on mute, it is muffled and diminished…

Low self-esteem, beating yourself up and even self-loathing keep you hidden in the shadows of shame and it’s time to step into the light and raise the volume…

Low self-esteem is a mindset that you have the power to change. Beating yourself up is a habit that you have the power to change. Beating yourself up does not make you more humble. Self-loathing is not what you were created to do.

Loving yourself is not selfish…it’s one of the most selfless things you can do. Even the 2nd greatest commandment in the Bible COMMANDS us to love our neighbors as oursleves. You can only love other people to the degree that you love yourself. When you start to speak up, speak kindly to yourself and be your own best advocate, your relationships heal. Life opens up to you in a whole new way.

One of my favorite quotes says, “If you want to find your voice, you have to use it.” (Mic Drop!)

Why do we stay silent? Fear of judgement, feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, just to name a few. The fall-out of these missed opportunites to speak up ends up in self-criticism and even self-admonishment.

You have a voice and your voice matters. When you speak up, it doesn’t drown other people out. Whe you turn up the volume on your voice, it puts others at ease because you communicate clearly and they don’t have to try to figure out what you want.

If you’ve been living on mute, hiding in the shadows of low self-esteem, beating yourself up, or even self-loathing…no matter how successful you are…step into the light and turn up the volume TODAY. 

Questions to consider when faced with speaking up or keeping silent:

  1. What do you risk if you speak up?
  2. What do you risk if you stay silent?
  3. What will the world miss out on if I stay silent?
  4. Who will continue to suffer if I don’t speak up?
  5. Whose life will be changed, positivley if I speak up?

Women who lead themselves well speak up.

It it time to rise up!!!!! You have been summoned to soar!

Unmute yourself!

All My Love,