Have you ever said to yourself, “It’s just not fair!!!”?

Maybe you’ve been done wrong. Maybe you’ve been screwed over by someone, financially, and it isn’t fair that you’ve been left carrying the heavy weight of it all. Or maybe someone didn’t show up and left you to sacrifice your time when the sacrifice was meant to be shared.

I’ve been there! I’ve been left holding the ball that wasn’t mine to carry. I’ve felt abandoned and alone, carrying the weight of the responsibilty.

Maybe like me, you value your word, you take your commitments seriously…which is a good thing…

BUT…sometimes that commitment to being honorable and the desire to break through every barrier that would try to keep you STUCK, leaves you holding the ball that was never yours to carry alone. IT ISN’T FAIR!

I feel your pain BUT…anytime you say, “It isn’t fair!”…the mindset behind that statement, if undealt with, can easiily turn to RESENTMENT.

Resentment is a bitter indignation over being treated unfairly.

Resentment is a multi-layered emotion that becomes a fusion of disappointment, disgust, anger and fear.

When you have resentment toward someone, you repetitivley replay the scenarios of hurt feelings over and over again.

If resentment is unchecked, it can actually turn into hatred.

Resentment is bad for your health. It leaves you suseptible to heart disease and depression.

Resentment will show up on your body as physical weight, stress and axiety.

Resentment is bad for your relationships.

Resnetment is bad for your preformance. It distracts you from going after what you want.

Resentment is bad for your finances. Underneath resentment, is a feeling that you are not being given what you deserve, which comes from a place of lack. One of the sneaky little places that resentment hides is in your mindsets around money.

If you are in debt…search your heart to see if you are harboring resentment toward anyone, especially around money.

If you make plenty of money but then keep sabotaging yourself back to broke, search your heart for resentment.

The Mindsets Underneath RESENTMENT:

Victim – You feel powerless under the weight of what’s been done to you.

Lack – “You owe me!” (which comes form a place of debt and lack)

“I am not enough” – “How could you disregard my value and worth?”

Black or White Thinking – “Your either you are for me or against me.”

My desire for you is to be free. You were created to be abundant and free.

If you think you are harboring resentment, here are 7 powerful journaling questions and things you can do right away to break the chains…

  1. Understanding: What have you been assuming?
  2. Curiosity: What else could be going on?
  3. Changing Your Perspective: How would they tell the story?
  4. Live in the Moment: How have you been assuming your past on your future?
  5. Consider Your Contribution: What is your part to play in all of this?
  6. Communicate: What conversations need to be had?
  7. Forgiveness: Forgiveness activates the pre-frontal cortex that leads that the brain uses to problem-solve and it. To forgive is not to let the other person off of the hook, but to let yourself off of the hook of the endless ruminating, being defined by the situation of being controlled by it.

Daily Affirmations:
– I am FREE from the power of resentment!
– I release myself for feeling responsible for someone else’s actions.
– As a powerful chooser, I will only do what is within my power to do and let go of the rest.
– I am no longer concerned with what is FAIR…I am only concerned with FREEDOM.

If you think that you may be harboring resentment, CLICK HERE to schedule a Clarity Call.

I want to support you in releasing the weight of resentment and stepping into a new season of freedom and abundance that comes from deep within. Coming up wth a strategic plan and accountability may be neccessary in order to move forward faster.